Latest iOS Application Development Trends Limelight in 2018

We understand, how necessary it is, to stay updated with the current trends.  Especially, when it comes to for the iOS development, the developers are well aware of the fact how important is to adopt the latest trend to overcome the challenges occurring in this fast evolving technological era.

Apple has always endeavored to lure its users with the latest app updates and the changes. Therefore, it is necessary for iOS developers to follow them properly, otherwise, it can create trouble while releasing app on the Apple App Store. According to Gartner’s report, in 2017 2.2 million iOS apps were available in app store.

With the launch of Apple’s new Operating System iOS 11.3, we can see a lot of improvement in its existing features and functionality. The tech-savvy find it interesting to explore the latest innovation in technology and likewise here are top iOS app development trends for 2018 that will continue to be in limelight.

Swift 4 Introduction

Swift is a programming language developed by Apple to offers support to the iOS and the Linux operating systems. It is the advanced version of the Swift 3 and can be pre-compiled for macOS and tvOS respectively. Easy to learn and understand, this powerful programming language is known for its scalability and robust security.

You might be wondering, what it stores in for the developers? Its, simplicity is the top advantage for the developer as it allows faster development of the applications. And most importantly swift 4 do not occupy memory of a device as compared to earlier version of swift. In 2018, the developers will not find it difficult to develop secure the iOS apps, that too faster using Swift 4.

Machine Learning

In 2018, the buzz of Machine Learning will continue to attract iOS app developers. This machine learning framework launched by Apple attribute effective solution for tasks related to Camera, QuickType or Siri. Therefore, it is one of the most talked about trends that have been proved crucial for app development.

It’s wow! By simply adding a few codes developers can enhance the security of the app and enrich its features. The Core ML works wonder to render a standard level of communication applicable to all iOS devices. Moreover, it benefits developers in face detection to understand the language. Apart from this, it superb to develop AI-based games and apps which is highly interactive.

Well, the market expects it to be the game-changing asset to develop the gaming apps. According to a survey, in Apple App Store, games are the most popular app category by volume.

Augmented Reality (AR) & ARKit.

Well, no doubt the Augmented Reality has been important for the mobile app developers. However, the focus shifted to  ARKit with the release of iOS 11 and 11.3 respectively.

Many of you might be finding it difficult to understand, why the latest release, i,e ARKit is useful? Here, comes your answer and it will amuse you! This will help you to lead the current trend, this means it will help in developing 3D and virtual reality-based mobile applications.

On the top, Amazon has joined hands with Apple’s ARKit, which has made other business to take interest in this new technology. Thus, AR and VR apps will reap success fruit in the present year.

User-Friendly- Apple Pay

The launch of Apple Pay – a digital online mobile wallet ( iOS users can make easy payments), further created a hype among the users. The Apple Pay is quite user-friendly and also support all the iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iOS watches and Mac laptops. It is highly secured and allows a hassle-free purchase to its users.

As far stats are concerned, an incredible hike of about 500% on transactions using Apple Pay has been noted. Apart from this, about two million small businesses have accepted invoice using Apple Pay.

Now, making flight tickets booking and hotel reservation is more secure. This makes it truly unique.

The top quality of Apple is, it has never overlooked the security front. And in Apple Pay, you don’t need to store your debit or credit card information, and this is an important concern for any user. Thus, iOS developers can attract users by using this in their application. No to doubt, the robustness of Apple’s security will make it rule over the market in the years to come.

Apple HomeKit

The introduction of Apple HomeKit is a unique creation that solves the home automation in just simple clicks. As of now, this can be considered the most advanced technology, it’s wonder to see iOS devices interacting with one another.

If we talk about future, using this futuristic technology,  the iOS app developers can develop apps that can get connected to devices using Apple HomeKit. And, we can surely witness changes in the home automation procedure.

Wrap Up:

As we know, it is also crucial to update your apps according to the trend to allow your app to gradually perform better. There’s an old saying, innovation never ends. Thus, Apple is always in the race to provide the better experience to the end-user.

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How long does it take to make an app?

I am sure this is something each one of you wants to know. Well, the answer is around 2-3 months. But of course, the answer isn’t that simple.

App development time largely depends upon the complexity and functions of the app. At Cumulations, we help to build a robust app with the shortest possible timeline without compromising on the quality and app performance.

In today’s post, we will have a detailed look at the different stages of the production process and other factors that largely determine the time taken by the app to complete.

App Development Process

Most of the app developers nowadays opt for an agile software development approach for developing robust apps as it offers a myriad of benefits. Among the many advantages, the most prominent ones include adaptive planning, evolutionary development, ongoing improvement, timely delivery and a huge flexibility to incorporate changes.

This approach largely streamlines the process by eradicating all the unnecessary steps and leaves the developers with a few basic and important phases, such as:


This is the first stage of the development process that involves outlining the client’s objectives and detailed requirements for creating an adept solution. It involves conducting a series of discovery sessions with the client so as to have a comprehensive understanding of his vision and expectations. Thus, the strengths and weaknesses of the project are delineated.

The project team then delves into developing design concepts and app wireframes that display the app’s look and feel, finalizing its UI/UX, and other technical architecture.

Time take – 2 -4 weeks

2.Iterative Development and Testing

This phase involves the actual mobile app development and testing. The project team which comprises of market analysts, designers, developers and app testers that diligently work to build an initial version of the app that can be submitted for client review.

This kick-starts the iterative development stage where the smallest of bugs are fixed and iterations are made to develop a fully-functional operative model.

Time take – 8 -10 weeks

3.User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

This is the final development and testing stage that concentrates on stabilizing the mobile app and making all the final changes in accordance with the client’s feedback. The app is also tested by a group of in-house volunteers or paid testers that use the software and give their feedback.

A lot of times, a test version of the app is created and uploaded to the web for a free trial. The experience of the first set of users proves to be immensely fruitful and enables the developers to make the final changes before releasing it commercially.

Time take – 1 -2 weeks

4.App Release

After the app development is complete, its time for the deployment of the different app stores. The project team helps the client in releasing the app on the desired platform such as Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store, etc. This may take up to 3 weeks before the app is ready for download to the target audiences.

Time took – 2 -3 weeks

Other factors involved in the making of an App

Apart from the app development process, there are several other factors that significantly determine the time taken by an app to complete. Let’s have a look.

App’s Features and Functionalities

Of course one of the biggest factors that define the time taken to build an app is the number of features and functionalities incorporated into it. The more the features, the more time it will require designing, develop and test those features. However, I strongly recommend all startup founders to begin their mobile presence by developing an MVP, i.e.

Minimum Viable Product. An MVP limits the number of features offered to the users in the first version and focuses on incorporating the core functionality of the app. This has a lot of benefits including restricting the time and budget involved in development. Furthermore, you can introduce additional features through subsequent updates after you learn more about your target user’s needs and preferences.

Complexity to make an app

The complexity of the features that need to be incorporated into the app is another major determinant. Naturally, if the features are more complex, they will require more time and effort. For instance, if you have built an e-commerce app, then offering the users an option to look for their desired product using a text-based search is a regular feature.

However, if you provide an option where the users can search for a product using a photo, then, of course, it will take longer to build but will surely proffer a better user experience.

Number of App Users

The number of users that will be using your app at one time has a huge impact on the time involved in development. For example, if you are building an app that is competent of handling 1,000 users simultaneously, then there are fewer factors involved and the app will take less amount of time to complete.

However, if the app has to deal with 10,000 to 50,000 users simultaneously, then you need to build robust app architecture with a lot of investment in performance testing and tuning. This will call for a longer app completion timeline.

Determining the Platform

In order to increase the user base, most of the business enterprises opt for all platforms, such as Android, iOS and also the web. Even though building an app for all platforms all at once augments efficiency, there are a few activities that are unique to each platform, including the design, development and app testing. This increases the amount of time and effort involved in building an app as there are several activities taking place simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned discussion has helped us in outlining a final time frame involved in building an app – 4 to 5 months. Thus, developing an app is a rather lengthy and taxing process, which calls for a lot of preplanning, patience, and determination to execute it well.

Here are two important pieces of advice from our end to help you in your app development journey.

  • Be ready to face delays and try to stay a little flexible in your timeline

Sometimes unanticipated situations arise such as delay in third-party integrations, launching of new IOS guidelines, too many bugs during the testing stage, etc. that may cause a lot of delay in app completion. Therefore, it is always better to keep some buffer rather than a strict deadline.

  • Make sure to stay in touch with your mobile app development team post-release

Developing a mobile app is not a one-time task. It calls for continuous improvements and timely updates to offer optimal value to the users. So, make sure you have a continued access to the mobile app development team through an authentic services agreement even after the app is launched.

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Want a Real Estate Website or Mobile App?

Zillow is the leading real estate website at present, with around 36 million monthly visits? The 12 YO media company shows how a good strategy, IT and web can become huge revenue sources.

IT contribution in Real Estate business

A substantial part of the company’s earnings come from its large database but the features of its website also play a significant role in revenue generation. Some of the features include value estimates of the listed houses, estimates value changes in given time frame, comparison of the other houses in the vicinity, aerial views of famous buildings, rental market, mortgage marketplace, 3D tours and 360° view of the homes etc.

What can we do for you?

At Worksdelight, we have developed a wide range of Real Estate portals for varying property business models (Such as buy and sell property, rent property, property maintenance solutions, property search engine based on lifestyle, security certified home sales…etc.). So if your business model comes into that range, then there’s good news for you. We’re at present offering customized solutions at highly discounted price! Explore our portfolio to see if you can find a matching website or mobile app for your business model, and then quickly start the journey of the most cost-effective development process of your dream project.

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Why investing in Android App Development makes sense?

We are living in the digital era and having just a website is not enough to serve all the business purposes. If you own a business which depends on your target audience for sales, you need to develop an app that reaches to a maximum number of people and for that matter, you cannot miss out to approach to the best Android App Development companies. But the question is why to opt for Android application?

A study found that Android dominates the market with a whopping 87% when compared to other operating systems and so it makes sense to invest in the Android apps for your business.

A well-developed application can help in strengthening your brand. Let’s have look at the various aspects of Android app development:

Open Source-

Yes Android is an open source platform which means that developers can easily build Android apps of any choice with utmost ease as it gives a lot of liberty and freedom to innovate and be creative. Basically, anyone who is willing to learn and put effort into it can learn about Android technology.

Better Reach-

The number of Android operating system is more when compared to other OS and this can help you to better reach a large number of prospective audiences and engage them. The more visible your business app is, the higher sales you can achieve.

Secured Platform-

Android offers a secure and unwavering platform for developing the mobile app based on different business requirements. Android platform is very smooth and provides a hassle-free environment for delivering the best app in the market.


Well, developing an app on the Android platform requires less investment and if you are looking for getting Android App developed for your business you should go ahead as it is cost-effective.

Best at Customization-

Android platform gives you limitless ways to customize the app as per the latest marketing trends and your business requirement.


As already discussed above, Android app has huge popularity in the market. People get more attracted towards Android apps as they are highly usable and consists awesome features. So it’s good to go with Android App for your business.

There is no doubt mobile apps offer a great way to reach the potential audience and enhance a user experience that helps in strengthening your brand and tremendous Return on Investment.

So if you are looking for Android App Development Company, that can meet your business expectation, Worksdelight can do it all. Our skilled team of android developers meets the expectation of our clients by developing robust android apps based on Java (for Logics and Programming Functionality) and XML (for designing the UI).

Reach us at [email protected]  and we will assist you in knowing more about Android App Development.

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