What Are The Myths Of CSS When It Has Chosen To Use In JavaScript?

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For several years CSS is used in JavaScript in order to offer style. But the fact is its totally wrong. In general Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) language is used for presentation purpose and JavaScript is for including features to the web. We are totally disagreeing to that. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the myths you should know for sure.

  1. Giving solution to the name spacing and styling issues:

There are various name conversions that have to give a proper solution for this issue such as CSS Modules, Shadow DOM and many more. That’s why this point is a myth actually. Thus initiating a document in the styled components is completely wrong.

  1. Styled components are flexible one:

Using styles are not even a matter since you can either add it or leave based on your interest. Plus this point is not true why means the total number of characters is all about the style name.

  1. The styled components will take you to semantics:

Undoubtedly this point is wrong why because both style and semantics belong to the varied platform. Plus it’s needful of various resolutions. When you come to semantics it helps to build the rightful tags on the mark-up.

  1. The style components can be used in other styles:

Of course, you can extent the style that is you created can be invoked in the V2 along with you can also extend all the styles. However, it is possible only in the CSS means then what the reason to use it in the JavaScript is.

  1. Straightforward to use:

The style components you choose are depending on the props. It will make the vast change over the React world. At the same time components, features will be monitored by means of the props. Even it will make some alteration on the prop values. But if you implement style sheets by means of the JavaScript then you will be offered with better potential.  In general, CSS is quite short and effortless to create. Additionally pre-processor in the CSS make it short further and then it will be categorized.

  1. Offer code togetherness:

As mentioned developers use styled components in order o make styles by using the same JavaScript file. In the case when the same components present in various files then it’s awful right? That’s why you ought to include components in one file and it will offer a better solution.

  1. DX is powerful and good:

In the case when some of the styles get to fall into an issue then the chance of app hang is greater. It will offer numerous errors such as stack trace error and style error.

These are myths you should consider when you choose to use CSS in JavaScript. Even more, myths are there but yet developers choosing this method for most of their projects. Look at the points and then avoid getting crash. In case you use React Native by means of styled components then its awesome and outstanding.


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